About Katie Lynn

Hi all!  I am Katie Lynn Huffstetler. 

I am a former special education and elementary art teacher, now a stay at home mother to our beautiful daughter and working as a “full-time” artist. I live in Eastern North Carolina with my husband, daughter and our dog, Ellie. If you are familiar with my designs you know that I previously ran a small shop, Kingdom Rose Company, that created Disney inspired handprinted bandanas. I also had a professional art shop, that was based on private commissioned paintings. After having my daughter in 2020, I decided to combine my two shops into one brand. Here at Katie Lynn Art Co, you will find both traditional artwork and magic inspired pieces. There will be opportunities for ready to ship items as well as commissioned art pieces. 

My hope is for this brand to showcase my love of color, nature, textures and the interests in my daily life.


A frequently asked question is why am I so obsessed with Disney?

I have a huge love for all things Disney. I grew up watching all of the Disney movies as all 80’s babies did. Disney World always seemed like a fictitious destination, even though I had plenty of friends who brought their character signature books to show and tell. It wasn’t until 2013, at the age of 26, that my family to our first trip to Florida. While I had a blast, I wasn’t 100% obsessed as I am now. It wasn’t until 2017, after our 4th pregnancy loss, that my husband and I decided we needed a little fun and a lot of magic. We set off a little R&R in the most magical place we could think. It was on that trip that I had a special Ah-Ha moment, that my husband and I could create our own adventure, just the two of us. While we were still battling sadness, and I was undergoing tests, treatments and a surgery for our pregnancy losses, we went on many Disney trips and even flew out to Disneyland. In 2019, we finally had the answers to our prayers, a sweet baby girl was on her way. Now we are planning her first trip, and I can’t wait to experience the magic through her eyes!