Heirloom Custom Collection

Welcome to the NEW Heirloom Custom Collection!

All custom portraits are created with using your own special photographs. The Heirloom Silhouette, Heirloom Sketch, and the Heirloom Pastel Portrait are 100% digitally hand drawn. The process is very similar to using a paper and pencil, just digitally! This allows me to zoom in on detail so that I can fully capture your precious memories and loved ones. 

All custom commissions will come with one proof and an opportunity for small revisions. If there is a request for a change that goes beyond the one proof, there will be a revision charge based on the amount of detail to be added. 

Since these pieces are 100% hand drawn, I will try my best for accuracy but at times there has to be room for my artistic interpretation. 

Your portraits are printed in house on a professional ink jet printer with Archival inks on Matte Paper. If you specifically want more of a gloss/luster image, please note that in the custom form after your purchase. 

How does this work?
You will complete your purchase based on your specific portrait choice, choosing the style and size. Then within 72 hours please complete the appropriate custom form on the custom form page. 

Photo tips: 
—For silhouette portraits, a resting face (serious face) or closed mouth smile is preferred. There should only be one eye, one eye brow. The face should be completely turned into a side profile. If you need examples, be sure to check the listing examples. Be sure that the photo is taken in good day light.

—For Sketch portraits, a little bit of anything can go, just make sure it is taken in good lighting. You will be able to specify on the custom form if there is anything that you would like changed (the background will be removed completely)

—For the pastel portraits, please try to send me the best quality photo that you can, I understand that sometimes that you are sending me a photo of a departed love one, and the photos are of poor quality. That is ok! I will do my best and may have to email you to ask specific questions about eye color etc, if you can go ahead and include that on the custom form that would be so helpful!

Current turn around time is 2-4 weeks based on the number of commissions that I open. Please note the turn around on each listing time before purchasing. As the holiday season approaches I will be limiting the number that I am accepting so that I can fulfill all orders.